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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Jackson, Stephen B. Assoc Vice Chan (858) 534-6514 s7jackson@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Washom, Byron J. Dir/Strat Energy Initiatives (808) 757-5376 bwashom@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Dover, Miriam RMP Wrkforce Strategy Mgr mdover@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Murry, Marie-Pierre Admin Exec Ana (858) 534-6821 mpmurry@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Kennedy, V. Wayne Sr VP Emeritus (858) 822-3695 wkennedy@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0059 1.0
King, William J. Facil Proj Mgr wjking@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Guss, Jacob S. Sr Exe Dir/Finance Admin (858) 246-5659 jguss@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Trujillo, Eva L. Repatriation Coord e7trujillo@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0
Harrigan, Maureen VC Bus Admst m2harrigan@ucsd.edu VC-RESC MGMT PL 0057 1.0

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